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Eat the season

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

It is summer time in the UK, which means that we are now able to buy fruit and vegetables locally produced in the UK, which otherwise are produced in faraway places.

There are good reasons why we should buy locally grown fruit and vegetables. It is more environmentally friendly, as the transportation time by air and road is reduced or eliminated and therefore has less of an adverse impact on the environment. 

The nutritional value of the produce is higher, as it has had longer time to ripen before picking, again, because the transportation time is shorter. This also has the benefit of a tastier end product. 

Buying locally grown produce also has the benefit of supporting the local community and economy and it gives us a better understanding of when the food we eat is in season for a fuller nutritional and culinary experience.

June's top three in season fruit and vegetables (or in this case legumes) are:

Broad beans



Check out these links for more information on seasonal food:

Eat Seasonably (includes a downloadable, full seasonal fruit and vegetable calendar)

June is the best time of the year to eat strawberries

Article author - Mia Mola Wood,

BA Nutrition & Health

Weight Management Consultant

If you want to get in touch with Mia for advice, you can email her at

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