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Slimming sensibly

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

We have had a taste of the lovely summer weather to come this Easter and some of us might be starting to think about losing a few pounds in time for summer.

It can be tempting to jump on a fad diet to quickly get rid of unwanted weight, however, as it is now broadly known, fad diets are not effective for sustainable weight loss and the weight you might lose is likely to be added again once you stop dieting.

Instead of jumping on a fad diet, think about creating a long-term healthy lifestyle. Often it is the small changes to our current eating and exercise habits, which can have the biggest impact on our long-term weight management and health, which also will be the easiest to sustain.

Why not try cutting out an unhealthy snack (high sugar and/or fat) from your daily food intake; reduce the amount of alcohol consumed; walk more (to the bus, rail station, get off a stop early and walk to your destination) etc.

My top tips to slimming sensibly are:

· Think about what you are eating before every single meal and decide if it is the right choice

· If you have had a high calorie (meal high in fat, sugar, or a big portion) during your day, consider eating smaller and healthier portions for the rest of the day

· Consider cutting your portion sizes and reducing large portions of bread, pasta, rice or meat and boost your vegetable intake instead

· Exercise or be physically active during your week (gardening, walking, cleaning)

· Eat as many vegetables as you can

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Article author - Mia Mola Wood

BA Nutrition & Health

Weight Management Consultant

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