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  • Clare Kiose

Why we work in prone

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

Working on our front in class is not always our favourite position, however the benefits really do outway this. So why do we work in prone? The back and shoulder muscles can often become lengthened and weak due to poor sitting posture, being hunched over the laptop, tablet or phone. This will in turn cause the muscles at the front of the chest, shoulders and neck to shorten and tighten so the head is not properly aligned, potentially leading to neck tension and headaches. Prone work helps to strengthen those muscles of the upper back and shoulders.

Before we start an exercise in prone, such as The Dart pictured above, we will work on opening out the front of the chest with V stretch or the Side lying Clam stretch for example. Some of you may find it more comfortable to have a pilates cushion under the hips, which will help support your lower back until you get stronger. If you find it uncomfortable to lie on your front you can always work in All 4's. And remember to release off in a Child's pose or Cat stretch afterwards.

Article author - Clare Kiose

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