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Principle 6 Pilates

Stand taller, feel stronger, move with freedom.

Meet Principle 6 Pilates

Principle 6 Pilates offers one to one sessions, small groups and courses for all abilities. There is a class to suit everyone, not matter where you are on your fitness journey, from a seated and standing session, managing low back pain and other conditions, to more advanced mat based classes. Please do take a look at the Classes to find the right session for you.

All classes are run by Clare Kiose, who began training in 2013 with Drummond Education, then worked for and was mentored by Pilates tutor and national presenter, Jo Everill-Taylor of Better Body Training Ltd. In 2016, Clare moved to Bookham, where she started Principle 6 Pilates. 

Clare holds the following qualifications;

  • Level 3 Masters Diploma in Classical Mat Pilates, teaching adults, pre & postnatal and children (2014)

  • Level 3 Exercise referral specialist (2017)

  • Level 3 Therapy Pilates instructor (2017)

  • Level 4 Exercise for the Management of Low Back Pain (2021)

  • Biomechanics Trainer - offering the iMoveFreely® programme from Biomechanics Education (2017)

  • Pelvic Floor Safe instructor 

Clare Kiose

As an instructor, my job is to support and educate every class member so they have the confidence to challenge their body safely and to understand what it needs, so in turn this can benefit activities they enjoy to do away from class. 

I always teach with the 6 main Pilates principles in mind, as this is what makes the Pilates method so effective. In class you are encouraged to work with precision, control and concentration, enabling you to understand your body, where it may be compensating, therefore knowing which muscle groups need releasing and which require strengthening. You'll learn the importance of core control, the centre, its relationship with the breath, all while you flow through the exercises.


Pilates is for EVERYONE, no matter what your fitness level, age, gender, body shape or mobility. So please don't be put off because you think you may not be good at Pilates or you're not flexible enough, just come and be you, have fun and feel the benefit.

"Clare is mindful of all her class members and strives to help them achieve their strength and mobility goals. Can not recommend her highly enough."

See you in class, Clare x


L Kelshall

Clare is a wonderful teacher. Lessons are varied, fun and you feel the benefits each week. She has the ability to improve your understanding of not only pilates postures and movements, but also your own physiology and ways you can help yourself at home.

C Barwick

Clare is amazing!  I was slightly daunted about joining a Pilates class again after a gap of 4 years, but Clare's caring and highly knowledgeable approach made me so glad that I resumed my lessons. I feel I am gaining flexibility and it's a very welcome bit of 'me' time ... away from the family! Definitely give it a go.

D Thompson

Clare makes this intermediate class both instructive and fun. She is incredibly knowledgeable about how the body works and varies the exercises each week using a variety of equipment. Her enthusiasm is infectious and her experience is considerable. Thoroughly recommend.

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