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Men's stretch and strength

This is a 45 minute lunchtime session for men only. The shorter class time can fit around a lunch break and with the flexibility of *Pay-as-you-go, no need to worry if you can't make it every week.


Your instructor Clare, has 10 years experience in teaching Pilates, with the expertise to guide you through the correct exercises to help common aches and niggles. Exercises will be in standing and mat based. Venue, dates and time can be found on the Timetable.

The class will focus on;

  • Releasing areas of tension from sitting at a desk

  • Mobilising the lower back and hip area

  • Improve postural awareness 

  • Strengthen postural muscles of the upper back and shoulder area

  • Build deep core strength

You will need to bring a mat and hand towel or head pad.

Please register your interest and request a Health form by clicking the link below before attending class.

Butterfly Pose

 Group mat Pilates courses

Group mat classes are held locally in Bookham and Effingham's community halls. Sessions are fun and friendly, but you work hard, aiming to progress and be challenged.

The exercises can be individually adapted to suit your needs and fitness level when required - Clare really does try to give each participant individual care as well as helping the whole group progress together. 


Classes are taught based on the 34 classical mat exercises, with progressions and modifications offered throughout the session, making each class varied and different week to week. We use a range of small equipment, from resistance bands, magic circles to the beam. Classes range from Beginners through to Intermediate/Advanced and run for 55 minutes - find out which level is best for you.


We mobilise the neck, shoulders, back and pelvis, fire up your core and strengthen the whole body. We work hard, but have fun too!

You can find all classes on offer on the Timetable.

Standing and seated Pilates

Sessions are designed for those who wish to improve their overall fitness, balance and mobility in a fun and friendly environment. All the exercises are adapted from Classical mat Pilates, but are carried out in standing and/or seated on a chair. Classes run for 55 minutes.

Those with specialist conditions are welcome -

  • Osteoporosis 

  • Osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis

  • Hip or knee replacement, shoulder problems

  • Lower back Pain


The benefits of joining this class - 

  • Improve balance and coordination - helping to prevent falls

  • Stretching and mobilisation of the whole body

  • Strengthening the whole body to help with daily activities

  • Pelvic floor activation​ and education

  • Socialising and making new friends

Yoga Class
Child's Pose

Private 121 Pilates sessions

With 10 years experience teaching Mat Pilates, Clare also holds additional qualifications in Therapy Pilates, Exercise referral and Exercise for the management of Low Back Pain, therefore she is well equipped to help you with your fitness goals.


When working on a 121 basis, Clare will ascertain postural dysfunctions which can cause muscle imbalances and compensations, potentially leading to movement pattern dysfunction and possible aches and discomfort. She will design and deliver a progressive programme, provide a home programme and support you through your journey.


If you are undergoing physiotherapy or clinical care, you will need to be discharged from your clinician before starting a new exercise programme, and if Clare is unable to help, she has a referral network set up with local Physiotherapists to give you the best possible care.

121 sessions can be booked between Monday and Thursday at a mutually convenient time. Please get in touch for prices and packages. 

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