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What level are you?

Beginners - You are new to Pilates or you have had a long break and wish to learn the Pilates Method and core principles. This is also the perfect level if you are recovering from an injury or have low back pain.

Foundation - These classes are for those who are new to Pilates, but are currently active. You may have been doing Pilates for some time, but recovering from an injury, have a musculoskeletal condition or low back pain and wish to work at a slower pace.

Intermediate - These sessions are at a faster pace, with greater challenge, flowing through the Pilates repertoire. You are expected to understand the Pilates principles, have a good base of core strength and be prepared to work hard!

Advanced - We will work through all of the Classical 34 Pilates exercises and the many variations, with precision and control, at pace. 

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